I’m 21 years old, queer, and graysexual. My gender identity hovers around the neutral zone of a sliding scale – so please ask about my pronouns; it switches between they/them/theirs and she/her/hers. Here’s the deets:

  • I have a somewhat fleshy outer labia and an inner labia that i feel is pretty in-between – not terribly pronounced, but not completely discernible, either. 
  • My clit is nestled comfortably, far beneath my labia, set high up my vulva towards my pubis. It prefers pinpoint stimulation, especially pressed firmly, especially angled from the right side towards the left.
  • I’m anorgasmic.
  • I have endometriosis.
  • I do not have any mobility issues.
  • I am slightly chubby. 
  • My boobs are not my best friends & I feel somewhat dysphoric about them at times. I do not enjoy nipple stim. 

My sexuality has been all over the place. I’ve had many sexual partners, but i’ve never had an orgasm. Until now, i never liked to masturbate, and i never really liked penetration that much either. For me, sex was about self esteem for a long time – meaning, i sought self-esteem through my sexual encounters. I felt validated, like someone wanted me. Now, i’m trying to make it about self-esteem in a different sense; i want to feel validated with or without a sexual partner. I masturbate semi-regularly. I focus mainly on clitoral vibrators – my clit doesn’t like finger stim, and my vagina doesn’t take kindly to penetration. I know, i know. What the fuck am i doing with a sex blog?

It’s about more than sex, i suppose – I’d like to discover myself sexually, i’d like to discover my sexuality. I’m currently working on achieving my first orgasm. 

Fun fact: i’ve used the Hitachi for 40 minutes before with no reaction of any kind. No, it didn’t numb me. I use a powerful pinpoint stimulator regularly, sometimes over an hour at a time – the womanizer, too – and i’ve gotten close, but i’ve still never climaxed. So this is about that discovery, i guess. Next on my list is G-spot.

I have a wonderfully supportive boyfriend, and i work in an adult store (where I wear many different hats). I’m ridiculously lucky to have both my love & my job/coworkers as support, and their help in my journey of discovery has been tremendous.

P.S. my sign is Cancer