I started this blog with two main goals: to provide a unique perspective on sex, and to educate and support others in the process. For a very long time, i felt like i was alone when it come to certain matters about sex. My hope is that i can help anyone else who feels that way to understand that sex can be a positive thing, in all of it’s fun, awkward, messy, exciting, scary, glory! We are not alone!

So, without further adieu, welcome to GraySexPositive! The newest addition to the bountiful world of sex blogs, where you can live out all of your wildest sex-blogging fantasies through the eyes (hands? computer?) of someone who’s….er, well, someone who’s probably on the same roller coaster ride that you are! I like to think of this as a coming-of-age blog…and no, that’s not just a really bad pun, ok? (just kidding, yes it is)

So, What Is This, Exactly?

This is a blog that will cover a broad range of sex-related topics, from product reviews to anecdotes, from journal-type ramblings to educational posts. Art, stories, Q and A; you name it, and as the blog grows, you’ll eventually be able to find it here.

Plus, you can follow along on my Anorgasmic Odyssey.

Ok, but Why “GraySexPositive?” What Does That Mean?

So, in this context, “GraySex” is short for graysexual. I’ve combined it with “sex-positive” because, above all, this blog supports sex positivity. And puns.  Here is the basic meaning of graysexual:

“According to the Asexual Visibility and Education Network, people who are graysexual (or gray-A or gray-ace) might not normally experience sexual attraction, but do sometimes. They might also experience sexual attraction, but a low sex drive.”

Aka, me-to-a-tee.

I’ve had a very long, strange journey, folks. You can learn more about my story here

Thanks for visiting!

Zeke, or Z