I Am Thankful for my Body: An Endometrial Manifesto

Let’s be clear; i’m not thankful for the medical debt, the emergency room visits, the horrible pain. I wouldn’t wish this disease on anybody, and it genuinely breaks my heart that so many people have it, and how many of those people may never even realize they have it…..blows my mind.   No, i’m not … Continue reading I Am Thankful for my Body: An Endometrial Manifesto


I got an uncontrollable urge, I wanna tell you all about it

I have a confession to make: I’m afraid of orgasm. The culmination of this fear was during my first stint with the womanizer. My boyfriend held the control; i am 100% certain that this is the only reason why i got as far as i did, as close to the edge - if i’d held … Continue reading I got an uncontrollable urge, I wanna tell you all about it

Diva Cup! Update

I used the Diva Cup for four days, and it. was. awesome. Important things to make mention of are the facts that i have endometriosis, a sometimes too-tight vaginal opening, a thick goopy flow, and looong work days. With all of those things in mind, i'm elated to announce that the Diva Cup was a fucking … Continue reading Diva Cup! Update

Endometriosis Journal – post period update

January 30th, 2017. It's been just around a week since my period ended. Luckily my energy has been back up, but due to some kick-ass timing, my car has been in the shop for the entire week and i haven't been able to get back into my workout routine. The diva cup totally changed my … Continue reading Endometriosis Journal – post period update

Having Sex With Endometriosis

Having Sex With Endometriosis   Once upon a time, i had a job at an ice cream shop. I had a best friend who worked with me at the ice cream shop. I had a boyfriend whom i had regular sex with. I had an abusive, chauvinistic boss. I had periods that were so gentle, … Continue reading Having Sex With Endometriosis

My Anorgasmic Odyssey

Journal Entry 12/21/16, 2:00am It’s day two of my boyfriend’s vacation. After a long work day, I feel like I want to masturbate, but it's almost more for the routine it offers. Settle into bed, find some porn, choose a vibrator, and go. I mean, it’s masturbating - its relaxing, it's exhilarating, it's stimulating. Perfect … Continue reading My Anorgasmic Odyssey