Silagel vs. silica gel: the differences, some more theoretical talking points, and an update from Doc Johnson

Last week after i posted my theory about silica gel being the Doc’s “silagel” secret ingredient, i had an enlightening and informative conversation with Dangerous Lilly. Her points led me to more research, where i discovered more information about silica gel and was able to hone my theory a bit.

After a more extensive viewing of the lab reports posted by Smitten Kitten, i learned that the plasticizer discovered in the James Deen dildo used in the lab test was in fact sebacic acid dibutyl ether, a derivative of castor oil. This is a phthalate free plasticizing agent that makes up for 51.7% of the toy. Two things to bring up here:

  1. The other 48.3% is not accounted for in the lab test.
  2. They did not report on any possible antibacterial ingredients within the toy; they did not report any other material for the other 48.3% of the toy.

Lilly brought up another point: Doc Johnson’s Silagel products catch fire, and silica gel largely does not.


Silica Aerogel, however, is flammable, and is on the FDA’s “Generally Regarded As Safe” list, which aligns with Doc’s official statement claiming that Silagel is on the FDA’s “Safe Ingredient List” (which i believe is the same as GRAS? Can anyone confirm? Google did not turn up a “Safe Ingredient List,” it led me to the GRAS…let me know). Aerogel has been used previously in lipstick, wax, and even napalm (yeesh). It can be found in a liquid state and firms up to be more gel/foam-like. Sebacic Acid Dibutyl Ether is not on the GRAS list, but then again, it’s definitely not the “antibacterial” ingredient they’re claiming is inside of their dildos – it’s the plasticizer.


For now, I’m sticking to my theory, but felt it necessary to update with this last bit of information i learned. I’d also like to reiterate that Silagel is not a material, it is an ingredient added into Doc Johnson products in the production phase.


However, this leads me to my next update!


A Doc Johnson customer service rep informed me that Silagel is no longer being manufactured. This may or may not be news to you; it was certainly news to me, as this claim has never once come up in any of my google searching about Silagel, and i didn’t see it on “Ask Doc” anywhere, either. Is there a press release i missed somewhere? Anyone know? Link?

Taken from the email i received from DJ customer service

Feel free to engage in discussion, contribute your own theories, knowledge, etc.


Nothing like a bit of investigative “journalism” to fill in the gaps lately; i’ve been struggling this past week with depression and lethargy and to be honest i’ve been sitting on this update for almost a full week now. Just one of those phases, i guess. Anyway, please definitely feel welcome to start a conversation with me!


Xxoo big kiss little kiss big hug bigger kiss



P.S. i’m super tired right now & at work still, but i’ll fill this in with my source links tomorrow! There are many of them.

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