Endometriosis Journal – post period update

January 30th, 2017.

It’s been just around a week since my period ended.

Luckily my energy has been back up, but due to some kick-ass timing, my car has been in the shop for the entire week and i haven’t been able to get back into my workout routine.

The diva cup totally changed my whole period around for me – i have to say this was the most “enjoyable” period i’ve had in a while! Two weeks of pain were made slightly better, at least, by the fact that i didn’t have to wear tampons at all.  This made a huge difference for me. my endo often makes it incredibly painful to have anything inserted inside of me, sometimes especially tampons; i usually rely on pads but after a while i get kind of scuzzed out. especially because my endo makes my flows extremely heavy, thick, and goopy. i hate dealing with the cleanup from that, when wearing pads. diva cup was a godsend for all of the above.

as far as sex is concerned, we’ve tried twice since my period has ended, and both times were a no-go. It just hurt way too much, and i didn’t feel sexy at all.  last night we tried to use a mini-masturbation-sleeve-thingie (review coming soon, lol) but i just couldn’t stay in the mood, got ridiculously tired and then couldn’t stop giggling.

I don’t hate myself, i really don’t, but it’s taking a lot of willpower not to right now.

I’m bloated and swollen and haven’t been able to curb my food cravings very easily, and disappointing my boyfriend two times in the same week is really not a good feeling at all. Not to mention trumpy…i’d really rather not mention trumpy.

Even my face feels swollen! And the random twinges of nightmare-ish pain have still been acting up, even a week later.

I think next week is my “time of the month” – referring to the one week out of each month where i am pain free, and sex is manageable…

fingers crossed.

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