Diva Cup! Update

I used the Diva Cup for four days, and it. was. awesome.

Important things to make mention of are the facts that i have endometriosis, a sometimes too-tight vaginal opening, a thick goopy flow, and looong work days.

With all of those things in mind, i’m elated to announce that the Diva Cup was a fucking godsend.

My endometriosis makes insertion of any kind – penis, tampon, sex toy – very painful. I’m dry, and tight, and want nothing near my vagina. Generally i’ve resorted to wearing pads; however, given the nature of my flow, this makes cleanup a nightmare. I don’t shave my pubic area (and i don’t want to), which means it can get pretty grody down there when periods come ’round. I’ll take gross over painful any day of the week, though, so pads are my pal of choice. I hate the waste, i hate the materials. I would love a reusable, washable pad, but i don’t do my laundry nearly often enough to maintain that kind of thing (hey – when your wardrobe is seemingly endless, you can get away with not doing laundry so often, okay? leave me alone!).

Entrez dans la Diva Cup!

In my review, it was largely a first impression – i’d only worn it for two days – but i can safely say that afterwards and for the duration of my period, it only got better. Insertion and removal remained easy; in fact, they got easier. I found that removing and dumping and washing in the shower were preferable, as suggested on their own website. And the blood didn’t cease to fascinate me, either. Gross? No. Empowering! I took, like, three selfies. Ok, maybe two. Whatever.

Let me note again that I have a heavy flow; the diva cup was never more than about 1/5 full.

Long work days? No time to take it out and dump it? I think the longest i had to wear mine was 14 hours; the suggested limit is 12 – even so, it was perfectly comfortable. In fact, i can say i hardly noticed i was wearing it at the end of the day. And again: the cup didn’t fill up more than about 1/5 of the way, even after wearing it for that long. Of course i wouldn’t suggest wearing it longer than what the makers of Diva Cup themselves would safely recommend, but i didn’t encounter any problems from doing so. I will try not to do it frequently, though.

In regards to my endometrial pain, the Diva Cup was pure magic. It rests so low in the vaginal canal that it’s very unobtrusive, unlike another insertable object might be. The soft silicone contoured naturally to my shape, and didn’t put any unwanted or painful pressure on my vaginal walls. Insertion/removal could be a bit painful at times, but it wasn’t difficult, and once in place i could barely even feel it. I was totally satisfied with how it felt, and elated that it did not increase my discomfort in any way whatsoever. It did really help that i am able to properly use my pelvic floor muscles to help removal, and even to hold it in –caution: poop talk. My endo gives me craaaaazy constipation and let me just say, with tampons, sometimes they come out when you don’t want them to…for example, when you’re pushing something else *cough*poop*cough*….but that didn’t happen with the Diva Cup. Oh, joy of joys!

I literally could not shut up about the thing. I told my coworkers, my mom, my dad, my friends, my boyfriend – literally everyone i talk to regularly – about the wonders, the magic, offered by the Diva Cup. I want every single period-having person i know to own one, and if i could afford it, i’d buy ’em for them. That’s how much the Diva Cup fucking rocked my whole world.


Please, everybody, GO BUY ONE.


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