Gray Reviews: Ride Silk Hybrid Lube

prod_ride_silkThe Ride Silk Hybrid lube was the first [Sliquid] lube i’ve had the pleasure of using, and i’m hoping i’ll get the chance again soon. The lube arrived in a sample pack from Lucky Bloke that i purchased as an Xmas stocking stuffer for my boyfriend; we selected it to use first because frankly, the dragon on the front was fucking cool. And – after first impression of the package, and upon inspecting the ingredients we discovered the little sliquid label on the bottom left corner of the packet, and our enthusiasm grew exponentially. I’ve simply been dying to try a Sliquid lube because:

  • I’m so sensitive to everything, from lube to condoms to soap to underwear…
  • All i’ve read about Sliquid is wrought with the utmost praise and honor; literally all of my favorite sex blogs mention the stuff non-stop
  • I really dig femme, vegan, natural stuff, ok? Like, a lot.

Later investigation showed me that Ride Bodyworx, a division of Sliquid, is aimed more towards men – however, my vagina was 100% able to appreciate the lube, and in fact i’m sure that my vagina would agree with me that the dragon on the front of the sleek black packaging was fucking cool as fuck. I totally love pinks and blues and flowers, but i also totally love dragons. Also, i can’t help but laugh, in a “i’m stoked on this” kind of way, at the ultra-dorky sunglass-wearing dragon-tattooed people adorning the banner on top of the Ride website. They rule. The Ride Bodyworx graphics rule. I know you’re probably not here to listen to me talk about rad 90s-esque graphics that rule, so i’ll move on to the lube that rules.ridelube-slider_01a

We used this lube for the first time with a Kimono microthin condom – i think this single-kimono-microthinmust have been an excellent combination for my penis-having boyfriend, based on his reactions and overall performance. We’ve only tried Skyn microthin in the past and it wasn’t the greatest success because, in conjunction with some herbal enhancements that we were testing, my boyfriend’s (extra-hard-from-dem-herbz) dick literally burst out of the condom. It was triumphant and terrifying. Thankfully it did not happen inside of me. (edit: Skyn is not microthin. It’s just insanely natural feeling and i was therefore under the impression that Skyn is microthin.)

No such thing occurred with the Kimono – we also weren’t using any enhancement this time, so his dick was it’s usual happy self – he enjoyed the fit and i enjoyed the feel for the entirety of its use. It not only totally stayed put, but it fit really well, and there was no extra bagginess or anything like that. Paired with the Ride Silk Hybrid, this was probably the smoothest, most welcoming sex i’ve ever had. I was especially glad about this because the previous night’s sex had left me super sore and i really needed it to be gentle – and it was! It was so comfortable that we (he) actually got to finish. Two things:

  1. Usually my endometriosis makes sex really difficult and painful for me after about 10 minutes, sometimes even less, of intercourse.
  2. Because of this, my boyfriend pretty much never gets to finish, unless he retreats to the bathroom to jack off afterwards.

So, obviously, this was a success for us!

I feel like i can confidently recommend the Ride Silk Hybrid lube to literally anybody. It does contain silicone in it, so i wouldn’t suggest using it with silicone toys – the diluted silicone content may or may not have a negative effect on your silicone toy; if you’re totally set on using hybrid lube, maybe try doing a small spot test first?

We didn’t need to reapply at all with this lube, and it remained completely smooth and almost soft-feeling. I did have to clean it off when we were done, but that’s fine with me. It didn’t require more than a quick wipe.

I’m definitely considering buying a bottle of this to have at home. I’m saving up my money for some other things right now *cough*coachella*cough*school*cough* so the price, while normally pretty decent – $15 -$25 – is slightly out of my reach at this moment. Plus, we still have a packet of Sliquid H2O to try out, and I’d also really like to try Sliquid Sassy, so i’d like to compare before i decide what to spend my money on.

Overall, this lube rocked, and if you want to get some, i’d highly recommend doing so! No joke, i think it gets a 10/10 from me, because i really cannot find any faults with it.

This review isn’t about the Kimono microthin condom, but it was featured, so i’ll just slip in a quick recommendation of that, too. Keep in mind that it is latex before you try one out for yourself.

The opinions disclosed within this review are 100% those of the writer, and are not in any way influenced by any external motivators, monetary or otherwise. No affiliate links have been used. All products were purchased by myself, the author.

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