This isn’t about sex, but it is about the newest makeup sensation, the “Silisponge”

As I have learned in the teachings from #basedgod Dangerous Lilly, there’s a lot of tricky shit in the world surrounding silicone and the many names sex toy manufacturers use to imply it. Things that start with “sili-” and that don’t end in “-cone”are automatically always suspect to me, thanks to manufacturers abusing the root word of silicone.

The makeup world appears to be no different from the sex toy world, as dupes abound and cheap websites like Wish give people lip infections all the damn time with their unregulated makeup concoctions. The poor people who think they’re getting a sweet deal on a Kylie lip kit can commiserate with those who think they’re getting a sweet deal on a “silicone” sex toy, and the silisponge appears to be no exception to this trend.

After some posts about it in a makeup group i’m apart of on facebook, i got a little suspicious feeling in my tummy. Coincidentally, it was while i was suffering some 5am bowel movements – a grande dance in my tum. Ugh. ANYWAY, what else do you do when you’re suffering from gotta-go and it’s 5am? You sit on your phone and you browse the internet. And you investigate makeup sponge material. Duh.

As i learned in this post, which also features another fantastic voice in the online world of sex advocacy, silicone should not be crystal clear. This is something reserved for typical jelly materials, which are plastics, and are oil based. My suspicions came when the admin of this facebook group was posting to warn others that they should not use these silicone sponges with their silicone makeups. But hang the heckin’ phone here – this sponge looks like it’s crystal clear? not foggy, not “water clear.” This rang my alarm bells.

Because i work in an adult store that sells 100s of different kinds of dildos and vibrators and other fun things, i’ve become extremely familiar with different materials. “Point to any dildo on the wall,” i like to boast (nobody said i had to be humble), “and i can tell you what it’s made out of.” So this “silicone” sponge seemed like a hunk of steaming bullshit to me.

So i looked into it further.

And guess what?

It’s a hunk of steaming bullshit.

Yes, it’s now 6:04 in the morning.

YES, i was doing this while my phone was dying.

and YES, I do believe this is important enough to warrant such behavior!!!!

I even posted immediately to the facebook group!


Granted i didn’t link my sources on there because, well, there’s like 12 year olds in that group.

But here’s the bottom line:

Polyurethane is capable of being nonporous, but as it is a plastic, it is OIL BASED, and most makeup is oil based. There’s plenty of silicone based makeup out there, too. And my thing is, well, if you wouldn’t want it in your body, why would you put it on your face? And nononono i’m not saying OIL is bad for your face. I’m saying why would you want something that could potentially become leaky and break down and be funky as fuck on your face?

Raw materials[edit]

The main ingredients to make a polyurethane are di- and triisocyanates and polyols. Other materials are added to aid processing the polymer or to modify the properties of the polymer. 

A polyol is an alcohol base. Makeup contains alcohol. Makeup contains oils. Makeup contains silicone. My biggest thing here is to like, please understand what the ingredients are that are in your makeup before you rub it all over another oil-based product and then literally pound that shit into your face. I don’t think that alcohol-on-alcohol could be devastating or anything but i do know that some people have very sensitive skin, and alcohol can aggravate them.

Also: We know not to use oil-based lubes with latex, and Lubezilla has this to say about oil based lubes with sex toys:

The first lube to eliminate outright from sex toy survivor is oil based lubes. Not only should oil based lubes not be used internally (they can coat the anus or vagina, and prevent your body from properly cleaning itself); they shouldn’t be used on sex toys. Regardless of the sex toy material, oil based products (including lubes, creams and massage oils) can coat your toy, and the only way to get the oil off of them is by using chemicals that aren’t going to be friendly to either your toy or your body. Basically, keep the oil away from you sex toys, period.”

Just in case you’re still wondering what sex toys have to do with makeup applicators, the silisponge is made of the same material that is very commonly found in sex toys: polyurethane. Our faces are extremely susceptible to introducing bacterias and infections into our bodies. I mean, hello, there’s like 5 holes that are right next to our brains if not connected to our brains directly. Bodily fluid and all that jazz. You know. Fun face stuff. Your eyes and mouth are extremely capable of carrying bacteria and are basically direct lines to your blood system and digestive system and oh yeah basically every organ in your body can be reached via eyes, mouth, or nose. This disturbs me, y’all, enough that i had to hop outta bed and blog about it immediately. The reason this matters is because:

the sponge may start out being nonporous, but it has the potential to become porous, and it can then harbor bacterial and transfer them to your face. It also has the potential to react to the oils in your makeup, and to leak its own oils.

The warnings “don’t expose to direct sunlight” lead me to believe that this is indeed the type of plastic that would leak, melt, etc.

I’ll probably hop back on and update this messy post when i’m fully awake, but until then, the facts remain!

The Silisponge is an oil-based, plastic product, and the behavior of oil-based plastics when introduced to other oils and oil-based products should be heavily considered before using this tool to apply makeup on your face.



Yes, i am aware of makeup being an oil, and the fact that oils are often used as moisturizers pre-makeup.

here’s the difference: those oils are natural. The Silisponge is not. It’s chemical based plastic rubber, and i’d like to point out to the many who have experienced their makeup being blotchy when using the silisponge for application that it’s probably because the oils are mingling and having a weird gross effect on the oils in your makeup or vice versa.  God just like, can we not use the silisponge? thanks

P.S. can we stop calling shit silicone when it isn’t fucking silicone?

P.P.S. I did a fair amount of my own googling and research into product materials, and i need to give credit where credit is due because Dangerous Lilly is an unquestionable beacon of knowledge due to her diligent investigations and commitment to body safety. If you haven’t checked out her blog, get ready to  buckle down and learn some shit. Seriously.

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