Gray Reviews: nü Sensuelle Point

The “I Don’t Feel Like Reading All of That” Snapshot:

  • Rechargeable, comes with cable, base, and wall adapter
  • ABS Plastic, shiny or matte finish
  • One button = power on/off, cycle through functions (there are 20 functions. I like the 1st and 6th one)
  • Powerful, but some patterns/speeds can feel buzzy after prolonged use
  • 2 hours charge time, 1 hour(ish) play time
  • Not waterproof (specifically the charging end) but easy to wipe clean
  • I like it, and would give it about an 8 out of 10

Lil Bit Of Background

When we got the Sensuelle line by nü into the store, i had never heard of the brand, or any of the products, before. The vibes were small, and though i wasn’t totally averse to the idea of another bullet, the memories of my last experience made me feel a bit hesitant about them. wm10049n_2“Anyway, bullets like that usually kinda suck,” i thought. Usually. I thought. Key words, here, my dudes. Because in a staff demonstration, when my boss turned that thing on and put it onto the glass counter, all i could think was HOLYSHIT. That tiny lil guy was bouncing like crazy, and it sounded like someone was beating the glass countertop into an oblivion. These fucking vibrators, you guys, ohmigod! Their slightly-larger-than-a-bullet stimulator, the “point,” looks exactly how it sounds – a pointed bullet, about 2.5” long. It comes in purple, blue, pink, black, and a shiny silver, and sits upright in its charging base. Oh, yeah, charging base – they’re rechargeable. According to one of the reviews i found online, the point is meant to be a more affordable version of the coveted and infamous we-vibe tango. Whether or not this is accurate i can’t say, because sadly, i have never had the chance to interact with the tango (it’s like, really really outside of my budget). SO, the point definitely appealed to me. Finally, after waiting for what felt like aeons (for money. I was waiting for money. Money time is measured in aeons), i got my hands on a Point. I was so excited to get it home that i charged it in the car – it felt pretty fucking hilarious going through the taco bell drive thru with a slightly-concealed vibrator charging on my passenger seat. Whatevs.


I really like the packaging. It’s a little bit bulky, but the box is nice and sturdy and is one of those that is held shut magnetically so it’s a breeze to open. The toy itself is presented already in its charging base, through a little window in the front of the box. There’s no naked people, no gender-specific anything, and i really really appreciate that. It boasts “20 functions,” “rechargeable,” and proclaims “don’t settle for anything less POWERFUL” which seems a bit cocky to me but that’s ok. Beneath the plastic “bed” that the point is fitted into is a USB charging cable, a wall adapter, and the “manual.” I put this in quotes because it’s not much of a manual – there’s hardly any information involved. The Point is fairly simple to use, though. Between the charging pins on the base of the toy is a button, which serves as both the power button and the function button. This is a little bit irksome because there’s 20 goddamned functions, and if you’re strange – like i am – and you like the 6th function best, it’s a chore to get there because the button is actually kind of hard to push. Not the biggest deal ever, but slightly annoying. Also – i got mine in black. It rules. It’s matte, smooth n silky, and made of ABS plastic (which is great and bodysafe as fuck).

In Use

So i like to start it on the lowest setting, which you can get to simply by pressing the power button. The setting doesn’t really feel “low” to me, though- it’s pretty powerful, as much as i (for reasons unknown) was kinda hoping wouldn’t be the case. I guess i just really hate it when products advertise themselves as hot shit, because 9 times out of 10, they’re just cold diarrhea (hi-5 if you get the reference!), and i expect them to fail. This toy doesn’t disappoint, however, which is great news! I think that 20 functions is excessive, but some of the patterns are actually pretty interesting. I like the 6th one, which i’ll do my best to interpret into writing for you: bzbzbzbzbzbzbzbzb bzzzbzzzzbzzZZBZZZ  BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

It feels pretty frickin’ amazing because the power buildup, denoted by my expert use of lowercase and capitalized letters, is totally spot on. The 5th function is similar but somehow fails me; i’ll occasionally mistake it for the 6th, and feel disappointed when it’s not actually the one i like. I don’t know why because as far as i can tell, they’re *almost exactly* the same. The first 3 are just constant speeds: high, higher, and highest. I start on the first one and have to switch pretty quickly because the constant speed is just too dang much for my clit (which is still kind of a n00b to power), and the patterns offer somewhat of a break from the relentlessness of this vibe. So far my most powerful toy has been the womanizer, which isn’t technically powerful (it is actually quite gentle) as much as it’s reallyreallyreally stimulating, so this level of power is kind of a shock to me. However, that being said, i still love this toy. I try to only use it when i’m home alone because even though it’s not really that loud, i’m super paranoid that it’ll be heard, and for now i’m just trying to use it on my own for research purposes. Yeah, research. For, you know, my blog. If anyone is even reading it yet lol

Anyway, I haven’t had any luck yet in the Quest For Orgasm, but i have gotten some really pleasant sensations out of this toy. I felt what i thought was a tell-tale sign of orgasm – there was this crazy warm feeling that started traveling up through my body that reminded me vaguely of being on acid – buuuuuut it resulted in absolutely nothing. Seriously. No change in my physical stimulation, no increase or decrease in desire, no muscular reaction, nothin’. Zip. It was like nothing had even happened, and i just carried onward, doin’ my thing.  it felt nice but ultimately i was disappointed because i felt like i almost had it and then i didn’t. Another disappointment came when the toy died mid-use and i had to stick it on it’s charging base, poutily side-eyeing the flashing red-green-red-green to see if it was greengreengreengreen yet, as if it would somehow magically charge in like five minutes instead of 2 hours. Because yes, this toy takes about 2 hours to get a full charge, and dies after an hour (or 45 minutes-ish) of use. I’m sure people who are more capable of clitoral orgasm than i am would not need to be using the toy for this long, but that’s about how long i have to use it (with no results – yet), and twice now, just when i thought i was gonna get somewhere, it freakin’ died. I’m sure that won’t happen to you unless you are like me, (anorgasmic and picky) and it takes 45 minutes of constant use, but like i said ……..

Another thing: after using it for so long, because the whole toy vibrates, my hand can tend to get a bit buzzy-feeling. To avoid this i adjust the toy so that it lays tucked flat between my labia, giving my hand and clit a bit of a break. If you know that this sort of thing can be an issue for you, then i’d definitely keep that in mind before buying this toy.

What this thing DOES do a heckuva good job of is getting me aroused, like, the type of aroused where i legit want to have partner sex, but my brain and my body aren’t very good at syncing up and the feeling unfortunately does not last long enough for me to act on it. Booooo.

Some other miscellaneous details:

The magnetic contact points aren’t the strongest ever, but with the base it’s fairly easy to charge without disconnecting. Just make sure it’s set in there properly so the pins match up, and the light will flash red and green until it’s fully charged (solid green). I use cleaning wipes to keep my toy clean, as it is not recommended that you get the contact pins wet. My sink is really splashy and i do not trust it to clean my non-waterproof toys. The wipes work fine for me because the material is so dang smooth that nothing wants to stick to it, anyway. For storage i just keep it standing upright in its charging base, on top of my nightstand. This is especially convenient because I have a cool lamp that has a USB port so i can conveniently charge it through my lamp fuck yeah, but sensuelle-point-dock-blackyou can use the wall adapter or your computer. Or your car. Whatevs. The box is certainly sturdy enough to keep as a storage option, though it takes up a bit of room. My other toys just live kind of haphazardly in what i refer to as my “drawer of unmentionables” (home as well to some other types of paraphernalia *cough cough* and jokingly of course. There is no reason for sex toys to be unmentionable), but as my collection slowly grows, i’m going to find another place to keep my toys because i wouldn’t recommend this storage method to anybody else. Also, it’s not a very large drawer.


This toy is my current favorite clitoral stimulator and has temporarily replaced my womanizer, partially because it’s more accessible – it’s right on top of my nightstand – but also because it’s more compact, and a little more relenting as far as stimulation is concerned. Cleaning it is a breeze, charging it is a breeze, and even though it can feel a little buzzy after i use it for a long time (basically until the battery dies), it feels pretty dang good, too.

I got mine in person at the store where i work; you can check out nü’s store locator, or purchase on amazon from Sensuelle themselves.**

 *My own personal product photos coming as soon as my camera is done being a jerk

**I’d normally advise against purchasing from amazon but in this case it seems to be the only way to buy this toy online, if you buy it directly from Sensuelle’s account on amazon. Other sellers may be selling a knock-off.


The opinions disclosed within this review are 100% those of the writer, and are not in any way influenced by any external motivators, monetary or otherwise.


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