Gray Reviews: Sensuva Organics: Insane Erosense Personal Moisturizer


Sensuva, so far, has been a brand i can get behind. I recommend it to customers, i recommend it to friends, i even recommend it to my partner. While they, as any brand or product will, have some flaws (their very binary, gender-specific marketing being a big one), i love their commitment to natural ingredients, i love that they’re vegan friendly, and i love that all of their [original] products smell like chai tea…because i fuckin’ love chai tea.

One product  that i’d been dying to try is the “Insane Personal Moisturizer” in “Original.” Already a fan of the ON arousal oil, the idea of a lube that would do something similar was very appealing to me. The back of the packet claims “intense heat, feeling of movement, long lasting, menthol free, hybrid formula, latex friendly, glycerin and paraben free.” It does contain dimethicone, making it technically a water-silicone “hybrid” lubricant – something not directly advertised on the front label. Hybrids are usually safe with silicone products because the silicone content is so minimal, but if you’re one to err on the side of caution, then i’d recommend sticking to a water-based lube for use with silicone toys. I used this one with a partner and no toys, so we didn’t have to worry about that.

My vagina is reaaalllyy sensitive to products like lube, and condoms. A lot of this sensitivity is owed to having endometriosis, and i’ve got a lifelong history of UTI proneness to boot. Having endo means i’ve got about one week a month of pain-free sex, and thanks to ovulation, that’s the approximate time that i get horny. I’ve begun referring to this time lovingly as my “time of the month” (because, to be quite honest, my traditional time of the month is so awful i’d rather not give it the honor of having a title). However, despite being mentally turned on, i still have some complications when it comes to getting wet, and pretty much every lube, condom, etc i’ve tried has left me feeling somewhat irritated downstairs. My experience with lubricants so far has been few-and-far-between because of the disastrous results i’ve had, including the infamous KY Jelly and an edible, flavored, sugar-packed one that sent me leaping into the shower yelping to wash it off as soon as it made contact with my vagina (yikes). So, edging back into lube territory, i’ve had to make some pretty careful decisions. Sensuva’s ingredients list seems promising, so i grabbed a foil pack of the Insane to try out, along with one of their hybrid lubes (review coming soon!).  


To the touch, it’s very creamy and smooth feeling – almost like a more viscous lotion, which was personally very nice because i’m not a fan of sticky/gel textures. It was like a dream massaging it onto my partner, and aided in the overall experience of our foreplay. When we moved on to PIV sex, I carefully i applied it to myself, dipping inside of myself just a teeny-tiny bit to see if it would irritate me – it didn’t! So we proceeded. The product advertises itself as being “warming,” but i didn’t really notice that right away. I was also waiting and searching for anything that felt like the “movement” it described, but that didn’t quite come through to me, either. It may be because my vagina is mysterious and fickle, and i’m still trying to figure out which side of sensitive i’m on – overly or not at all- but so far, the lube wasn’t stimulating in any way other than it felt nice to not be dry as fuck. As our PIV intercourse continued on, i did start to notice a warming sensation. As the speed picked up, though, that nice warm feeling quickly became heat and i had to bring our sex to a screeching halt. What the fuck, man? Is it the friction? We attempted to go at it again a little more slowly this time, but the incident kinda ruined the mood for me. I dunno, maybe i just don’t like warming sensations, but i’m not sure it’s supposed to be the  “holy-fuck-my-vaginal-walls-are-on-fire” kinda hot. And yeah, OK, i’m exaggerating a little bit, but it was pretty uncomfortably hot. This is the second-ever warming lube i’ve ever used; maybe it’s just not suited to me. The heat went away once we stopped having sex, and there was no other irritation to speak of.

Regardless, up until that point, it felt really nice! You don’t have to apply very much to get going, and it does last a pretty long time. I wish i’d been paying more attention to the clock, but then again, no i don’t because we were gettin’ busy and time wasn’t really on our minds. I am curious, though, to see how long it lasts between applications. And, we still have some leftover, even though we only bought a lil 0.20 oz foil packet! Another bonus to this lube was that when it “dried,” it didn’t feel sticky and dry. It left our skin feeling really, really nice and soft. Aside from [what i think was] friction-induced heat, it didn’t leave me feeling pained, which is nice. I didn’t have to emergency-shower to wash it out, and once we slowed down the heat went away, so i feel like if you’re someone who DOES enjoy “warming” products, you’d probably dig this stuff. I might just be overly sensitive to warming sensations?


“It was very pleasant. It was warm. It smelled good. It tasted good too. I don’t know, it worked (laughs).”

Also, this was the best smelling sex i’ve ever had. Ever. 10/10 in the scent department.

Overall i’d have to stand by my recommendation of this product, and if you’re sensitive like i am, i would recommend doing a lil patch test to see how it treats you.

The opinions disclosed within this review are 100% those of the writer, and are not in any way influenced by any external motivators, monetary or otherwise. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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